Crime English edition

First words#

We did not help.

The reason why I dyed the crime like this.

I did all the reasons.

In the earthquake, leave the company and retirement.

It was already dropped to the bottom of Don.

"I'm sorry His ..."

Two employees, one of them is a president. Another one was a section manager.

"What? "

"Oh ... in this document"

That said, he submitted documents written as "Late-to-door application" to the president's wrestling man.

"Hey, what is this ...... 5 Hundred Hundreds?"

"Yes, this crime prevention camera ..." ... "

As if you hit a surprise president like a guy, he is the image of a security camera

I showed it.

"Why 5 Hundred Sawawa ... ..."


I have a five hundred Hundred Hundred Hundred (Iosawa Alan). 30 years old and two children. I also have a wife.

He is just a salary man, but I am a dense.

The wolf is ... "I'm getting a gold of this company."

"That's-five hundred Sawawa-?"

"... Oh, what is it?"

"What do you do here?"

He is my original childhood friend.

He is now the same salaryman as me.

"Documents ...? Well ... I was under the PC. Mengo"

When I said so, he passed his documents.

"Presidential! That's ... What is the manager?"

"Oh ... I went to the president room, but ..."

Even though I was always not going to go, I was working for work while giving a sense of discomfort to another place to go to another place.

-Senta later-

"You have something to say."

The president has made a hard 顏 and entered the room with the section manager.

"what is it? "

I heard a lot, but somehow the president's horrible eye light was pointed here.

In that face, I felt fear, cold sweat.

"Eh-A person who has left the company from today"

"As of the president, the fireballs that have become ..." Crime ". Those who have made the gold of this company


I was in this one word.

The room was sowa, but I was only me.

"It is ..."

"Gohong Hilkisawa! You!"

"Ballet ..."

It was a surprising culprit, and it was roughly around.

"you? "

"Why is this"

It should be said that so.

I was a veteran who was working at this company.

Catch the suspicious person or correct the difference ...

This moment, I got from Hero to Villa.